Financial Forecast

How to Read a Five-Year Forecast

Regular five-year forecasts help us ensure we have the resources we need to challenge and put students first. They underpin our appreciation for our community’s support and our commitment to fiscal responsibility and transparency. We believe maintaining trust and honest communication with our community will serve as the foundation for even stronger partnerships in the future.

Three keys to remember when reading the five-year financial forecast:

1. The forecast is a snapshot in time. Like any projection, we have models to indicate how our financial situation will change over the course of the next five years, but those results are also subject to many factors outside of our control, such as the political climate at the local, state and federal level, property values, and the economy. With so many moving parts, these numbers should never be taken as a guarantee.

2. The assumptions are key. The numbers are only part of the picture. The assumptions explain how we arrived at these numbers, how we expect them to move, and what factors we take into account.

3. If nothing else, read the summary. Dan Bowman, our Perkins Schools Treasurer, writes a short summary of the forecast at the beginning of the document. If you do not have time to read the entire forecast, this summary will share the most important takeaways and explain what has changed.

You can use the resource below for further detail on what the forecast categories and numbers mean.

How to Read a Forecast

If you have any additional questions about the forecast, please call or email Treasurer Dan Bowman at (419) 625-0484 or

Link to current "Five Year Forecast"