Treasurer's Department

Reporting directly to the Board of Education, the Treasurer’s Department is responsible for managing all financial affairs of the Perkins Local Schools. It is our duty to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and transparency in all district finances to protect our community’s investment and maintain trust. We work hard to stretch limited dollars to empower students to pursue their dreams and achieve success.

Our Treasurer, Dan Bowman has 30 years of school finance experience working with a wide variety of districts throughout Ohio. Please contact Dan at or 419-625-1261 with any questions you may have.

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Jennifer Galloway

Mr. Dan Bowman
Phone: 419-625-0484
Fax: 419-621-2052

Mrs. Heather Plue
Financial Secretary - Accounts Payable
Phone: 419-625-0484
Fax: 419-621-2052

Mrs. Tracey Ulery
Financial Secretary - Payroll
Phone: 419-625-0484
Fax: 419-621-2052