Welcome to Perkins

Our District at a Glance

Perkins Local School District, located in Sandusky, Ohio, serves approximately 2,100 students in preschool through grade 12.  To prepare our students, we believe it is essential to change “age-old” traditional teacher-led education to provide more opportunities for students to actively engage in their own learning. This requires a dramatic change in how we educate, and our core beliefs guide this process.

In accordance with our 21st century focus and core beliefs, Perkins is a One-to-One Laptop district and is one of only a few select districts recognized nationally by Apple, Inc. as an Apple Promising District. In 2012, Perkins Local School District was named ’An Apple Distinguished School District’, one of two in all of Ohio. Students at the Intermediate, Middle and High School levels are each assigned a laptop for in-class use. Students in grades 6-12 are allowed to bring their laptops home to complete their work, and all of the computers are collected at the end of the school year for updates and maintenance.

The Perkins Local School District is located in Perkins Township and also contains parts of five contingent townships. Originally a rural school district, most of the district’s approximately 2,100 students now live in a suburban setting. With positive results for our students, the district initiated open enrollment ten years ago to maintain and expand access to Perkins’ excellent academic and extracurricular programs. The district has four buildings: Furry Elementary, PK-2; Meadowlawn Intermediate Elementary, 3-5; Briar Middle School, 6-8; and Perkins High School, 9-12.