Canvas for Parents

Canvas Parent Instructions 2020

Parents, thank you for being your child’s biggest academic supporter. You can check on your child’s progress at PHS by observing their classes on Canvas, our learning management system.  Students and teachers are using the features of Canvas to enhance learning.

Students are using Canvas to:

  • Access class materials (calendar, assignments, quizzes, etc.) online using any device or any browser. 

  • Track their progress through ongoing teacher feedback tools.

  • Receive course announcements, grade notifications, etc. instantaneously on their preferred device(s).

  • Easily collaborate with peers and teachers.

Teachers are using Canvas to:

  • Receive and grade student assignments, discussions, and quizzes.

  • Align assignments and rubrics to standards and/or learning objectives.

  • Provide students with written, audio, or video feedback and multiple revision/submission opportunities.

  • Organize all work and course-related events into one, drag-and-drop calendar.

  • Push course notifications to students via email and text.

We invite you to join your student in Canvas, as a parent observer.  Here are the three steps:

Login to PowerSchool.  

NOTE - If you need help in setting up a PowerSchool parent account, 

please contact Carla Schweinfurth,

Then click on the Applications icon in the top right corner.  

Then click on the Perkins Local Canvas link in the Application column. 

This should open a new tab with your student’s Dashboard.  The Dashboard shows all of  your child’s classes. Based upon what courses your student is taking and the 

information that teachers have posted, the dashboard will look similar to this one.

You can access course specific information by clicking on the calendar or a course card. The calendar that displays all assignment items that have been given due dates for all courses. Selecting a course card opens the home page for that specific course.  The course home page provides links to the course syllabus, classroom policies, modules [units of instruction] and much more. 

You can also check your child’s progress on your phone or tablet.  Check out the Canvas Parent app on the App Store or on Google Play.

If you have any questions or problems with Canvas, please contact Mike Leffler -