Primary Education (PK-3)

Language Arts Teaching and Learning for grades Pre-K through 3: LETRS Program

Did you know that teaching reading is rocket science?  Dr. Louisa Moats (1999) wrote an article for the American Federation of Teachers detailing what teachers should know and be able to do in order to teach reading, spelling and writing skills to all students.  Teaching students the critical components of word recognition skills within the English language, spelling rules, decoding, comprehension strategies, and developing a robust vocabulary is a complex task.  Moats highlights the importance of investing in our teachers’ knowledge through extensive high-quality professional development to empower them as literacy instructors.
Perkins Local School District was fortunate to be selected to participate in the Ohio Department of Education State Systematic Improvement Plan to improve our early literacy instruction.  As part of the first cohort, our teachers from Pre-K through third grade have been receiving high-quality early literacy training since the start of the 2016-2017 school year.  This training is research-based language and literacy professional development that empowers educators to utilize specific diagnostic data along with research-based multisensory strategies to improve students’ literacy skills.  We have national trainers that help lead our journey through the Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (also known as LETRS) along with online sessions.
Our district is then supported by the State Support Team Region 2 Regional Early Literacy Specialist, Mrs. Nancy Osko, and our District Literacy Coach, Mrs. Olivia Weisman, to provide instructional coaching, tools to support learning, and foster classroom application throughout the training and beyond.  This commitment to learning directly supports our Perkins Promise in that we believe students come first by ensuring equitable access to learning by opening pathways and removing barriers.
Moats, L. C. (1999). Teaching reading is rocket science: What expert teachers of reading should know and be able to do. Washington, DC: American Federation of Teachers.