Early Entrance to Kindergarten

Early entrance to kindergarten is considered one type of academic acceleration as defined by the Ohio Department of Education. Students who do not meet the age requirement for kindergarten but who exhibit the ability and readiness for kindergarten as evidenced through performance on the IOWA Acceleration Scale (IAS) will be offered the opportunity to enroll in kindergarten early. A parent may request early entrance to kindergarten if the child turns five years of age after the district’s kindergarten entrance date of September 30th and before January 1.

To request early entrance into kindergarten for your child, please follow the steps outlined below to ensure that the process is completed properly and in a timely manner:

1. Obtain A Parent’s Guide to Early Entrance to Kindergarten from Furry Elementary or the district website.
2. Provide a copy of your child’s birth certificate indicating your child will be turning five during the next school year, along with proofs of residency to indicate that you are a district resident.
3. Complete and sign the Early Entrance to Kindergarten Referral Form and the Early Entrance Evaluation and Review Permission Form.
4. Return the items listed above in Steps 2, 3 and 4 to Jennifer Long, Furry Elementary Principal