Home Instruction

The Board provides instruction, as appropriate, for students confined to home in compliance with the law. 

1.  Home instruction teachers are provided for students at the request of parents only after such instruction is approved by the Superintendent and verified as needed by a licensed physician or psychologist.  Home instruction teachers, who are provided by the school, are paid at the designated hourly rate. 

2.  Home instruction teachers may be the student’s regular classroom teachers only if the Superintendent has given permission.

3.  Home instruction teachers must be certificated/licensed teachers.

4.  All work must meet the standards of the Ohio Department of Education and be done under the supervision of the Superintendent/designee.  If the home instruction teacher is not the student’s regular classroom teacher, the building principal arranges cooperative communications between the regular classroom teacher and the home instructor to ensure a proper program of instruction for the student.

5.  The duration and time of a home instruction program is determined by the Superintendent/designee, on the basis of information received from teachers, parents, medical personnel and the building principal.  Exceptions are those children with disabilities who have an IEP.