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PLSD Board of Education Gives Consent For Lake Erie Arms Development
Posted on 04/16/2021
The Perkins Local School District Board of Education on Wednesday gave its consent for a planned $14.3 million, 94,000-square-foot indoor gun club along the U.S. Route 250 just south of the Kalahari Resort.

The Lake Erie Arms club is planned by owners Brent McConnell, a former Huron police officer, and James West Jr., the owner of West Realty and Jim’s Pizza Box restaurants in Milan, Huron and Vermilion.

The gun club will include 100-yard and 25-yard ranges, indoor trap and skeet shooting facilities, and other amenities. It will be built on farmland in Milan Township that is included in the Perkins School District.

Erie Arms’ owners told Board members that the project is expected to create approximately 50 full-time jobs at the facility, as well as attract new development to the property surrounding the club.

As part of the project, the developers asked for a 15-year tax abatement on the property taxes that would be paid on the new construction. Board members unanimously approved the abatement.

The land where the club will be built currently generates $547 a year in taxes to the school district, but is expected to increase to an estimated $7,326 a year as the land’s value increases. The developer will continue to pay those taxes, regardless of the abatement.

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The property tax abatement will cover the new construction on the property, which is to have an assessed value of $2.8 million, which would generate $117,216 in annual tax revenue for the school district.

The terms of the abatement forego 100 percent of the taxes to the district for years 1-5, 75 percent in years 6-10, and 25 percent in years 11-15.

Over the 15-year life of the tax deal, the abatement is valued at $1.17 million.

Earlier in the meeting on Wednesday, Board members were updated on the ongoing redevelopment of the Sandusky Mall property.

For that project, Anthony Cafaro Jr., president of the Cafaro Co. that owns the mall, told the Board about plans to build approximately 115 two-bedroom deluxe apartments on 16 acres that is now used as a parking lot. The property is on the east side of the Hobby Lobby store.

The Cafaro Co. is asking that the Board of Education approve a 15-year, 100 percent abatement for the property taxes on the apartment development. The mall owners will continue to pay property taxes on the mall property.

The apartments have a projected assessed value of $3.5 million, which would yield approximately $146,500 annually in tax revenue to Perkins Schools and just under $2.2 million over the 15-year life of the abatement.

The Board did not take action on the request at the meeting on Wednesday. Mr. Cafaro told the Board that the company would like an answer on its request at the May meeting.

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