Yale Survey

PHS Students To Participate In Yale Survey
Posted on 01/26/2021

Perkins High School has been selected as one of 20 schools from across the nation by a Yale University research group to test the impact of a new student leadership program called “inspirED.” 

For the project by the Yale University Center for Emotional Intelligence, PHS students will take a pair of surveys. The first, which will seek student input on school climate, will be given during study hall periods on Friday. The second survey will cover healthy technology use and emotions at school and be administered on Friday, February 5 during study halls.

Each of the surveys will take about 20 to 25 minutes. Students can opt out of the surveys or skip individual questions in the surveys, said PHS counselor Cortney Feige. An opt-out form will be emailed to students and families today, January 26.

Among the questions students will be asked on the surveys:


  • My school does enough to ensure that students are safe
  • I am proud to say that I go to my school
  • If a student at my school was struggling, they could find other students to help them
  • Adults at my school are friendly towards each other
  • I saw students using social media instead of paying attention in class today
  • When teachers passed each other in the hallways, they greeted each other in a friendly way


After the surveys are completed by PHS students, school counselors and administrators will get the results. The data will help counselors and PHS staff understand and better serve the needs and emotions of students. 

The results also will be shared with a student-led team to create a "climate enhancement project." The project will be designed to tackle a school climate issue or address healthy technology use.

Participation in the project is free and optional for all PHS students, and there is no cost to the Perkins Local School District. 

For more information about the inspirED projects, students and parents can download this information
about the survey and this brochure. They can also contact Mrs. Feige at PHS via email or the Yale researchers via email.