Academy Experiences 2020-2021

What PHS Juniors and Seniors Are Discovering In Their Academy Experiences

Lexie Engelman, Class of 2021

Lexie Engelman has an eye on the future as a professional photographer. To get a foothold in the business, the PHS senior is doing an Academy Experience with local studio photographer Amanda Kranz.
Lexie Engleman with mentor Amanda Krantz

“During my experience, Amanda has allowed me to use her studio within her home to practice taking pictures,” Lexie says. Ms. Kranz has shown Lexie how to use photo editing software Photoshop and Lightroom in new and different ways, and she has been experimenting with lighting and angles to get interesting pictures.

“This whole year for me has been trying out new things, so this has been super helpful,” Lexie says. “Amanda is always there for me and my questions day and night, and I am super grateful.”

Lexie plans to go to Bowling Green State University for marketing and studio art, and expects to learn how to run her own business. 

“I definitely want to do something with photography after college,” Lexie says. “Overall, my Academy Experience has been amazing and Amanda is literally the best mentor.” 

Bryce Bodle, Class of 2021
Bryce Bodle wants to fly for a living. This year, as part of his Academy Experience, he’s taking steps to get his pilot’s license to do just that.
Bryce Bodle at the controls of a flight simulator.
He currently is working towards his private pilot license at Griffing Flying Service Inc. in Port Clinton. He has not yet started flying, but it’s on the horizon.

“I have been up in a plane with the instructor and another student pilot but the other student pilot was flying the plane,” Bryce says. “I cannot technically fly the plane until I have finished ground school, which I am looking at finishing within the next week or so.

Ground school entails watching training videos, and passing the written and oral tests. His “flying” time so far is in a simulator with his instructor, Jeff Danovich at Griffing. His actual flying time is serious commitment – typically 40 to 50 hours of time at the controls.

His interest in flying began a couple of years ago when he flew drones with friends, he says.

“That made me think about flying planes,” Bryce says. “Last year I had really started thinking about getting my pilots license because of how much it interested me and the many opportunities that come with it.”

Ideally, Bryce wants to be a professional pilot, possibly working for the U.S. Border Patrol or becoming an instructor himself.

Logan Davis, Class of 2021

Logan Davis has a higher calling in his Academy Experience. Logan Davis at New Life Church

The PHS senior is interning at New Life Church under the guidance of Pastor Dustin Ours for his Experience, and plans and organizes set lists and schedules for worship services. He also helps set up sound and the stage for the services.

“So far, I would have to say it’s been going well,” Logan says of his Experience. “I've been learning a lot of leadership skills and have even had chances to help and serve in my community.”

When he began his Experience this school year, Logan had wanted to gain leadership and musical skills, grow his personal faith while serving others, and help his church grow. His time at the church and with Pastor Ours has lived up to his expectations.

“It gives me plenty of time to talk things out with Pastor Ours and question him about his experiences,” Logan says. “Pastor Ours has been a great fit for me….He has been a big figure in my life as he has always been someone I can go to and ask anything, and he has definitely provided me some great insight into many aspects of leadership and other responsibilities and issues in both Ministry and life.”

A goal of the Academy Experience is for students to sample a career interest. Logan says, indeed, he remains interested in exploring Ministry as a career. 

“I have focused on organizing and scheduling the Worship side of a service. That part of Ministry is probably what I am most interested  in as it involves another one of my greatest passions being music, but I am definitely interested.”

Chris Campbell, Class of 2021
Chris Campbell says he’s learning something new every time he visits NOMS Advanced Health
as part of his physical therapy Academy Experience.
Chris Campbell at NOMS Advanced Health
“It’s a fun experience,” Chris says. “There are things that you have to do that I didn't really know.” Things, he says, like taking notes to document patients’ progress and updating electronic records.

The physical therapists at NOMS have “been nothing but supportive and helpful,” says the PHS senior. The therapists take time to answer his questions and share their knowledge and experiences.

Physical therapy is one career option that he is considering, and spending time at NOMS has solidified it as a viable choice.

“It is definitely something I could see myself doing,” Chris says. But “it's early, and I don't want to make a definite answer when I'm only 18 and have so many other options.”