Calming App For Students

PHS Freshman's App Design Wins Contest
Posted on 11/19/2020
Jacob Collins showing off his 'Calm Space' appPerkins High School freshman Jacob Collins has a “Calm Space” he’d like to share with other students. And, ideally, someday it will be available free on smartphones.

“Calm Space” is a prototype smartphone app that he developed in Mr. Adam Hartley’s Algebra I class. The proposal was submitted to the goIT Monthly Challenge, a contest for high school students hosted by the information technology firm Tata Consulting Services. Jacob’s proposal won for October.

“Calm Space” enables students to easily track their moods and emotions throughout the day, explains Jacob.

“With the pandemic,” Jacob says, “we need to think a little more about helping people battle depression.”

The app enables users to graph their feelings and has features like an online library of calming music and mental health resources, including links to professionals and suicide hotlines. The app, ideally, could also help mental health experts monitor their patients who use it.

For now, the app is merely an idea, though Jacob says he would love it to become a reality. If it does make it onto students’ smartphones someday, he says it’s key that it be free so that anyone could have access to it.

Jacob, the son of Carrie Kiepert and James Collins, says he aspires to be a psychiatrist after college. “Calm Space,” he says, “is pretty much what I want to do when I grow up.”

Mr. Hartley said that students in his class were tasked with using data collection, statistics and pattern relationships to participate in the October challenge. Students were asked to create a digital innovation that addressed the United Nations’ Sustainability Goal of “Ensuring Healthy Lives and Promote Well-Being for All at All Ages.”

In addition to Jacob’s app being submitted, a proposal from freshman Makenna Garza, the daughter of Nicole Clemons and Jordan Garza, also was submitted.

Watch Jacob's presentation