COVID Reporting

Perkins Schools Adopts COVID Reporting Practice
Posted on 09/08/2020
If a Perkins Local School District student or staff member tests positive or has a clinical diagnosis for COVID-19, the student’s parent or guardian – or faculty/staff member – should report their condition to the school district within 24 hours, as ordered by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine.

The Governor’s order went into effect on Tuesday, Sept 8.

According to the announcement, when Perkins Schools receives a report of a COVID-19 case, whether it’s a student or staff/faculty member, the information will be shared with the Erie County Health Department within 24 hours.

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Perkins Schools, per the order, also must inform the district’s families that a positive case has been reported and the building(s) where he or she attends school or works. That report to families must be made within 24 hours.

No personal health information will be shared publicly in compliance with privacy laws.

Parents and guardians who have a student that is COVID-positive can report the information via the Parent Portal of their student’s PowerSchool account. Once logged into the Parent Portal, parents need to click the blue Submit Student-Assessment button and complete the brief questionnaire.

Alternatively, if parents do not want to use or cannot access the Parent Portal, they can phone the district at 419-502-2429. The information will be managed by Nurse Lisa Miller, the district’s COVID Coordinator.

If a Perkins student attends classes at Firelands-BGSU or EHOVE, or takes classes via the Online-Only Curriculum, they still should report positive test results to Perkins Schools.

For staff members who test positive for COVID, they will need to phone Nurse Lisa at the same number.

As required by Gov. DeWine’s order, Perkins Local Schools will provide regular updates via the website and via district-wide emails with information.

The updates will provide information about new cases detailed by the student and staff and the buildings they attend or work. The emails will not provide contact tracing information; that information will be provided to families by the Erie County Health Department.

The information will NOT be shared on social media.