Online Only Update

Online-Only Courses Begin Sept. 8
Posted on 09/03/2020

Classes for students who signed up for the Online-Only curriculum will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 8. 

For Online-Only students in Grades K-8, families should have received their login and password credentials, as well as the website URL for their virtual lessons, via email from Perkins Local School District on Thursday. 

Students in Grades K-8 will be enrolled in English language arts, math, social studies, and science. The online classes will be hosted by SchoolsPLP, a program administered by the North Point Educational Service Center. 

Each Online-Only student from Perkins Local Schools also will be assigned a staff member from the Perkins School District to assist them. Students in Grades K-8 will receive a welcome letter from their Perkins teacher on Friday.

The Perkins teachers working with K-8 students are Bob Myer, Sarah Cassidy, Lori Conkey, Stephanie Dubois, Kris Dinovo, and Pam Castello. 

Perkins Schools also will have the district literacy specialist, curriculum director, district social worker, special education director, and superintendent to ensure success of every learner. 

Parents and students can disregard the “Pace Dates” set in the course work. That information will be updated later via North Point.

Students and their families are reminded that the Online-Only curriculum is a 9-week commitment. The enrollment deadline has passed, and students already enrolled must remain in the curriculum through the end of the grading period.

Students will be expected to log in each school day, and the online course work will take a few hours each day to complete. Students do not have to log in at the same time each day, and can do so at any time of the day. 

Students who do not log in each day will be marked absent. 

Because the classwork is online, school supplies are not necessary.

For Online-Only students in Grades 9-12, information about students’ first day of class was emailed to them on Friday, Aug. 28. The Perkins High School Online-Only students will start their lessons at 10 a.m., Tuesday, with a virtual check-in meeting, led by PHS teacher Ali Lange James.

A link to the meeting will be emailed to the students on Tuesday. Students should watch their Perkins email account. Mrs. Lange James will share login and password information during that meeting. She also will discuss expectations for online students and their parents, and specifics about their coursework, which teachers they will be working with, and other details.

And, unlike the curriculum for Grades K-8, the high school curriculum is a semester-long commitment.