Athletic Tickets Available Online

Football, Soccer, And Volleyball Tickets Now Available
Posted on 08/21/2020
Tickets for Perkins High School football, volleyball, and soccer games will be limited due to the pandemic. Tickets for these home events will not be available at the gate and must be purchased online ahead of the event.

Each team member will have the opportunity to purchase three tickets for all football and volleyball home events. Cheerleaders and band members will have the same opportunity to purchase three tickets for all home Friday night football games.

Varsity soccer will have the opportunity to buy four tickets for all home events. Each athlete will need their Student ID number, which will be their access code to purchase online tickets.

Students can find their Student ID number by logging into PowerSchool. To buy tickets, parents need to click this link.

When parents first visit the site, they will need to create an account to buy tickets.

Parents are encouraged to buy tickets a day or two in advance to avoid any issues.

JV football tickets will be available for purchase at the gate, and each team member will have the opportunity to purchase four tickets.

No passes will be sold or accepted at athletic events this year. All spectators will be required to have a ticket. If parents have any questions, they can contact the Perkins Athletic Department at 419-621-2061.