Furry Restart Safety Guidelines

Furry Elementary School
2020-2021 Reopening Plan

Our goal is to maximize physical distance in every classroom.
• Classrooms will be set up to provide at least 3' of physical distancing between students.
• Masks will be worn when a child is in the classroom, unless they are on a mask break.
• If a student is on a mask break, they must maintain at least 6' of social distance.
• Each child will have their own supplies.
• Students will stay with the same set of students all day.

Hallway Restrooms:
• Only 3 students will be allowed in restrooms at once.
• Classes will have scheduled restroom breaks throughout the day and passes will be available for emergencies.
• Marks will be placed in the hallway to provide social distancing to those waiting.
• There will be one soap dispenser per sink.
• Shared classroom bathrooms will be monitored by classroom teachers.

Food Service:
• The cafeteria/gym will be set up for lunch.
• Students will sit in an assigned seat during their scheduled lunch period.
• Students are placed to provide at least 6-feet of social distancing, or have a plexiglass barrier between them.
• Masks will be worn until the child is sitting in their seat.
• Students that are buying lunch will maintain 3’ distancing while in line.

• We will have one-way hallways where possible.
Hallways will be clearly marked for social distancing and traffic flow.

Drinking Fountains:
• Bottle filling stations have been installed throughout the building.
• The drinking fountain feature will be disabled to eliminate that touch point.

• We will go out for recess but students must maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet.
• The playground equipment will be used during recess and students will wash/disinfect their hands when returning to their classroom.
• Each child will have at least a 20-minute recess each day with their homeroom.

Staff Masks:
• Staff will be required to wear masks in class and in the hallways.
• Staff may remove their mask during teaching as long as they practice 6’ of physical distance, as well as wear a face shield and/or other barrier between them and their students.
• The district has ordered two cloth masks for each staff member, as well as one N95 mask for each staff member.
• Shields are NOT a replacement for a mask, but may be worn in conjunction with a mask if a staff member chooses.

Student Masks:

• Students will be required to wear a mask.
• Students will be required to wear a mask when in hallways for any reason.
• Mask breaks will be allowed during the day, maintaining 6’ of distance.
• Students will be given two cloth masks from the district.
• Students will be responsible for cleaning their mask at home.
• Extra masks will be available for students who forget or in emergency situations.
• The policy could change based on recommendations from the Ohio Governor and Erie County Health Department.

• Doors will be clearly marked as an entrance or an exit for arrival/dismissal times.

• Bus riders will enter/exit through two options in the back of the building.
• Car riders/walkers will enter/exit through two options in the front of the building.

• Each classroom will be supplied with hand sanitizer.
• Each classroom will also have disinfectant and microfiber towels to use to clean student desks and other areas during transitions.

Extra-curricular events:
• At this time all extra-curricular events (field trips, assemblies) will be prohibited.
• After school clubs may be available, if proper safety procedures are being implemented.

• At this time only Furry Elementary staff and students are permitted to be in the building.

Student Interaction Opportunities:
• In order to provide movement opportunities our students will transition to lunch and recess.
• During these transitions students/staff are wearing masks.

Temperature Checks and School Nurse:
• Nursing services will be available at Furry Elementary as they have been in the past.
• If a child is showing COVID-19 symptoms or has a temperature greater than 100 degrees, they will be further evaluated by our school nurse and parents will be contacted immediately.

• Fans are permitted by the Erie County Health Department.
• Fans must be pointed out of the classroom to help with air circulation.

Special Support Services:
• All support services will be available at Furry Elementary as they have been in the past.
• Teachers will be meeting with each parent