Meadowlawn Restart Safety Guidelines

Meadowlawn Intermediate School
2020-2021 Reopening Plan

*Please note that the Reopening Plan for Meadowlawn Intermediate could change due to recommendations from the Governor’s Office and the Erie County Health Department.

Our No. 1 priority is to make sure our students, staff, and community members are kept safe during this 
time. We also realize the importance of getting our young students back to school in order to minimize the academic and social concerns caused by schools being closed. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we navigate through these unprecedented times together.

continue to check the Perkins Local School District website at for updates.

I will also be communicating through email so if you have not completed your child’s online forms 
through PowerSchool, please do so as soon as possible. During this process you will be required to provide us with an active email.

Please make sure to check this email regularly as we will use this as a

form of communication. As always, if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Jeremy Hiser
Meadowlawn Intermediate Principal


● Our goal is to maximize physical distance in every classroom.
● Classrooms will be set up to provide at least 3’ of physical distance between students, with
most classrooms of at least 5’ of physical distance.
● Due to furniture issues, some students may sit at a round table. Those students will be divided
by plexiglass, and will be required to wear a mask.
● Masks will be worn when a child is in the classroom, unless they are on a mask break.
● If a student is on a mask break, they must maintain at least 6’ of social distance.
● Each student will have their own supplies.
● Students will stay with the same set of students all day.


● Only 3 students will be allowed in restrooms at once.
● Marks will be placed in the hallway to provide social distancing to those waiting.
● There will be one soap dispenser per sink.
● Hooks will be placed outside for bathroom passes to help monitor capacity during unscheduled bathroom breaks.

Food Service:
● The cafeteria and gymnasium have been set up for breakfast/lunch.
● Students will sit in an assigned seat during their scheduled lunch period.
● Students are placed to provide at least 6’ of social distancing, or have a plexiglass barrier between them.
● Masks will be worn until the child is sitting in their seat.
● Students that are getting a school lunch will maintain 3’ distancing while in line.

● We will have one-way hallways where possible.
● Hallways will be clearly marked for social distancing and traffic flow.


● Each student will have their own locker.
● During arrival/dismissal procedures will be in place to maintain social distancing while students are at their locker.


● At this time, students will not be allowed to physically check out a library book.
● We will give opportunities for students to check out books, and have them delivered to their classroom.

Drinking Fountains:
● Bottle filling stations have been installed in each grade level.
● The drinking fountain feature will be disabled to eliminate that touch point.

● We will go out for recess, but students must maintain social distancing of at least 6 feet
● Students will not be required to wear a mask during recess, provided they maintain safe distancing.
● The playground equipment will be used during recess, although it will be sectioned off for specific classes, and cleaned after each use.
● Each child will have at least a 20 minute recess each day with their homeroom.

Copy Machines:
● Disinfectants will be at the copy machines so staff can wipe down after each use.

Staff Masks:
● Staff will be required to wear masks in class and in the hallways.
● Staff may remove their mask during teaching as long as they practice 6-feet of physical distance, as well as wear a face shield and/or other barrier between them and their students.
● The district has ordered 2 cloth masks for each member of staff, as well as 1 N95 mask for each
member of staff.
● Shields are NOT a replacement for a mask, but may be worn in conjunction with a mask if a staff member chooses.

Student Masks:

● Students will be required to wear a mask, and this policy will be strictly enforced.
● Students will be required to wear a mask when in hallways for any reason.
● Mask breaks will be allowed during the day, maintaining 6’ of distance.
● Students will be given two cloth masks from the district.
● Families will be responsible for cleaning their mask at home.
● Extra masks will be available for students who forget or in emergency situations.
● The policy could change based on recommendations from the Governor and Erie County Health Department.

School Office:

● Staff and students will not be permitted in the school office, unless by appointment.
● Staff and students will use the office window to turn in items, ask questions and other needs.

● All students are required to wear masks as they enter the bus, and keep them on while on the bus.
● Students will be in predetermined assigned seats, with no more than two to a seat.
● The seat directly behind the driver will remain empty.
● Family members will be seated together, and may sit three in one seat.
● The bus driver must wear a mask at all times.
● Hand sanitizer will be available each day to students as they enter the bus.
● While waiting to enter and exit the bus, students will follow physical distancing practices of wearing a mask, staying at least 3’ apart, and remaining in single file.

● Doors will be clearly marked as an entrance or an exit for arrival/dismissal times.


● Bus riders will enter through three doors. Riders will have colors assigned to them, and they will enter through the appropriately marked doors.
● Car riders will enter through three additional doors. Riders will have colors assigned to them, and they will enter through the appropriately marked doors.


● Bus riders will exit through three doors. Riders will have colors assigned to them, and they will exit through the appropriately marked doors.
● Car riders will be physically distanced, and have an assigned place while waiting for their name to be called. Once their name is called, they will exit the building.

● Each classroom will be supplied with hand sanitizer.
● Each classroom will also have disinfectant and microfiber towels to use to clean student desks and other areas during transitions.
● Extensive and detailed cleaning will be done each evening using disinfecting agents for desks, tables, chairs and other high contact areas.
● Clorox 360 electrostatic sprayers will be used daily to sanitize and disinfect the entire building.
● All door handles and push bars on doors will be coated with Nanoseptic self-cleaning sleeves for increased safety on high contact areas.
● Disinfecting wipes will be used in classrooms as needed to clean high contact surfaces.
● All classrooms and common areas will have hand sanitizer readily available for staff and students.
● Gloves, masks, face shields, dividers, sanitizer and wipes are kept in stock and ready to use.

Extra-curricular events:
● At this time all extra-curricular events (field trips, assemblies) will be prohibited.
● After school clubs may be available, if proper safety procedures are being implemented.

Essentials Classes:
● Art, Music, and Technology courses will continue, but will take place in the general education classroom. This is to minimize traveling and contact with other areas of the building.
● Physical Education may happen outside, in the multipurpose room, or in another large room,
depending on weather conditions and building schedule.
● Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be offering band for 5th grade students at this time.

● At this time only Meadowlawn Intermediate staff and students are permitted to be in the building.
● Visitors must use the main entrance and wait in the small lobby between the sets of glass doors.

Student Interaction Opportunities:
● In order to provide movement opportunities our students will transition to lunch and recess.
● During these transitions students/staff will be wearing masks.
School Nurse:
● Parents and guardians should check their child’s temperature and check for COVID-19 symptoms every morning before school
● Nursing services will be available at Meadowlawn Intermediate each day. The nurse will be to address all COVID-19 and non-COVID related illnesses and medical concerns.
● If a child is showing COVID-19 symptoms or has a temperature greater than 100 degrees, they will be further evaluated by our school nurse and parents will be contacted immediately.

● Fans are permitted by the Erie County Health Department.
● Fans must be pointed out of the classroom to help reduce air circulation.

Special Support Services:

● All support services will be available at Meadowlawn Intermediate as they have been in the past.
● Intervention teams will be meeting with each family that is using support staff to communicate how their child will be supported.
● Opportunities for one-on-one support will be available, with physical distancing and barriers of protection between staff and students.
● All counselor services will be available to our students. Social distancing and mask policies will be followed, as well as additional barriers of protection.

Parent/Student Orientation:
● There will not be a parent/student orientation for the 2020-21 school year like there has been in the past.
● However, there will be information provided to parents through other outlets.
● Mr. Hiser will provide information on the district website and through email.
● Teachers will contact parents to review the expectations for this school year.