Briar Restart Safety Guidelines


Our current Return to Learning Plan calls for safety procedures and protocols that will help mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus. These key steps outlined below will be critical for our day-to-day activities that take place here at Briar before, during, and after school.

Our Guiding Principles include the following safety protocols:
-Parents and guardians should check their child’s temperature every morning before school.
-Perkins Local Schools Mask Policy will be strictly enforced.
-Physical Distancing with a minimum of 3 feet between students while wearing masks.
-Frequent hand washing or application of hand sanitizer.
-Wiping down materials and surfaces used by or belonging to students.

General information regarding sanitizing and cleaning procedures:
-Extensive and detailed cleaning will be done in the evening using disinfecting agents for desks, tables, chairs, and other high contact areas.
-Clorox 360 electrostatic sprayers will be used daily to sanitize and disinfect the enter building.
-All door handles and push bars will be coated with Nanoseptic self-cleaning sleeves for increased safety on high contact areas.
-Disinfecting wipes will be used in classrooms each period as needed to clean high contact surfaces.
-All classrooms and common areas will have hand sanitizer readily available for staff and students.
-Gloves, masks, face shields, dividers, sanitizer, and wipes are kept in stock and ready to use.

An overview of our daily protocol for various locations or activities is outlined below:
VISITORS: At this time no visitors will be permitted access to the building. All visitors, including parents and guardians will use the office reception window in the foyer of the main entrance.

OFFICE: Staff and students will have limited access to the office to minimize traffic. Students will utilize the office window to turn in notes or receive passes or ask questions or other needs.

Bus riders will enter the front of the building through Briar’s main entrance. Sixth grade students will go directly to the mutli-purpose room. Seventh and eighth graders will go to the gym. All 6th Grade students who walk, ride a bike, or are dropped off by car will enter through the multi-purpose room doors. Seventh and eighth graders will enter through the athletic entrance and go directly into the gym. Seating and tables will be labeled and designated for physical distancing. All doors will be clearly marked for entrance/exit and traffic flow. Please note: Briar does not open until 7:40am daily to students.

Students will follow the normal traffic patterns established. Traffic flow is two-way in all hallways. Students will follow their daily schedule and move quickly between classes. Classes will have staggered dismissal times by grade-level to minimize congestion. Hallways and common areas will have “Pirate” logo stickers on floors to mark social distancing waiting areas and traffic flow.

Desks, tables, and chairs are set up in rooms to provide a minimum of three feet of physical distance between students. Floors will be marked as measurement indicators so students and teachers can keep chairs and desks aligned and at their designated locations in the room. Plexiglass dividers will be used on teacher desks and areas where 1 to 1 teacher or parapro interaction with a student is required for educational services. Teachers will be encouraged to have class activities outdoors whenever possible.

Bathroom usage will be limited during class changes and will be monitored for traffic. Floors, urinals, and stalls will be marked and labeled for restroom safety and physical distancing. In-class restroom usage will require students to sign out. Classrooms with single restrooms attached will also be utilized as needed.

School lockers will only be accessible in the morning, at lunch time, and at the end of the day to minimize traffic and hallway congestion. Staff will monitor usage and assist as needed.

Use of the library and checking out books will not be permitted at this time.

Student lunches will be provided and served in a modified process with limited handling of food, beverages, and ala carte items. Students will be split by grade level and eat at “A” and “B” times to accommodate physical distancing and safety procedures. Table dividers will be used on each table for increased separation and safety. Cafeteria and kitchen floors will be marked and labeled for physical distance and traffic flow. Students will wear masks until they begin eating, and will put their masks on after finishing their meal. Students will have assigned seats by homeroom.

Student Recess is structured into the daily lunch routine to allow students outside activity when weather permits. On days when inclement weather prevents outside activities, students will use the gym, or return to classrooms for indoor recess. Students are split by “A” and “B” times to accommodate physical distancing and safety procedures.

All counselor services will be available to our students. Social distancing and mask policy will be followed, as well as protective dividers used in certain counseling or individual support situations.

A nurse will be available every day during the school day to address illness and medical concerns both covid and non-covid related. A child or staff member with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will be evaluated in the nurses clinic to determine next steps.

Students will be able to refill their personal bottles on the touchless filling stations, however the spout of the drinking fountains will be disabled to limit points of contact.

Non-core classes such as Art, Physical Education, and Health are instrumental in the overall development of the middle school child. We will continue to offer these classes as part of our daily curriculum, but will have limits and restrictions on sharing of materials, supplies, and student spaces.

Music programs will continue as scheduled at Briar. Safety procedures such as instrument covers for band and mask policy coupled with physical distancing for choir.

Bus riders will be dismissed first and will exit the front of the building through the main entrance to board their bus. Pick-ups will be dismissed next and will be sent to the multi-purpose room to exit through the outer doors. While waiting for parents or guardians in the pick up area, students will follow social distancing and wear their masks. Walkers will be dismissed next and will exit the front doors after all buses have left. Lastly, athletes and extra-curriculars will be dismissed to their designated areas provided a coach or supervisor is present.

All students are required to wear masks as they enter the bus. Students riding the bus will have predetermined assigned seats. The seat directly behind the driver will remain empty. Safety protocols dictate that only two students be assigned to a seat; family members may sit three to a seat if applicable. The bus driver, along with all students will wear a mask on the bus. Hand sanitizer will be available to all students daily. While waiting to get on the bus or getting off to go home, students should follow physical distancing practices.

Students will follow all social distancing policies while using the stadium, track, or football field for recess or Physical Education classes.

Students will follow all social distancing policies while using the gym for recess or Physical Education classes.

Locker rooms will be accessible and utilized by athletes only. During our covid-restriction school sessions, Phys Ed students will not be required to change for PE class.

At this time all after school programs, including athletics, are permitted. Briar after school clubs are permitted to meet as long as masks are worn along with physical distancing, hand washing, and sanitization protocols are being followed.