Restart Plan For 2020-2021 School Year

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for the 2020-2021 School Year
(Adopted by the Perkins Local School Board of Education on Aug. 3, 2020, updated Aug. 12, 2020)

Perkins Local Schools are committed to returning to face to face instruction for the 20-21 school year. As we face challenging times during this pandemic, our children have been out of school since March 12, 2020.
We realize that our models of education will have to be flexible, efficient, and rigorous to meet the needs of our students. As the COVID-19 statistics increase, so will our need to offer choices and options as we deal with this pandemic.
It is the intent of the Perkins Local Schools and the Perkins Board of Education to begin the 20-21 school year in a face to face instructional mode to the best of our ability. Our decisions as to how to present instruction will be based on the community spread that is occurring, recommendations of the Erie County Health Department, and the Ohio Department of Health.
The Perkins Local School District has committed to five days a week instruction with safety protocols and procedures in place that may fluctuate and change in a more restrictive manner based on COVID-19 surges. As COVID continues to increase in our county, please know that our model for instruction and safety protocols will enhance and change as well.
We can minimize risk by wearing face masks, employing multiple opportunities for hand hygiene, cleaning and disinfecting high traffic areas and surfaces, as well as maintaining physical distances in the classroom. The Board of Education and the Superintendent recognize that a return to face to face instruction is not free of risk, therefore we will offer families who are not able to return to school an online option for educational delivery through Perkins Local Schools.
Three delivery models have been developed by our academic team and will be readily available dependent on the factors of COVID-19 spread in the county and locally in Perkins Township. We understand the importance of face to face learning and will make every attempt to employ this delivery, but as a school family we must be prepared in a flexible way to meet the needs of our students.
The Ohio Department of Health, Erie County Health Department, and the Governor of the State of Ohio will be the ruling body as to how we proceed accordingly with our delivery model.
All Plans, procedures and protocols are subject to be altered or changed at any time.
For the latest update from the CDC, please click on this link.
Safety Protocols
Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, in collaboration with the Ohio Department of Health, has issued extensive guidelines for protocols and procedures to maximize a safe learning environment. Perkins Local Schools has made significant investments in sanitizers, disinfectants, barriers, face shields, and masks for students and staff.
Teachers will have the option to wear N95 masks if they so choose. N95 masks are worn by professionals in the medical field. Perkins Local Schools to date has purchased:

  • Clorox 360 Electrostatic Sanitizers and sanitizer solutions
  • Hand sanitizing stations
  • Sanitizer for classrooms, offices, and buses
  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Face shields
  • Face masks
  • Disposable masks
  • Fans per CDC guidelines
  • Signage
  • Thermoscanners
  • Disinfecting wipes
  • Desk dividers
We will continue to invest in our staff and students to maximize a safe return to school.


Option 1: Full Return-Five Days a Week
Option 2: Remote Learning-Buildings are closed
Option 3: Hybrid Schedule-CDC Recommendation to reduce building population
• One half (Group A) Attends campus two days a week
• One Half (Group B) Attends campus two days a week (Opposite of group A)
• Decisions will be made based on Erie County Health Department’s recommendation, community spread, and outbreak locations in the district
* There is a remote option for learning for any family who chooses not to attend on campus learning in the fall.

Guiding Principles for the year:
  1. We will employ recommended safety protocols to the highest degree possible.
  2. We will work in tandem with the Erie County Health Department.
  3. We will remain transparent and communicate with all stakeholders.
  4. We will take steps necessary to maintain high quality instruction in the safest environment that we can provide.
  5. We will work to remain open but will follow the guidance of the Erie County Health Department, Ohio Department of Health, and the Governor of Ohio.
  6. We have had teams of certificated and non-certificated staff working diligently all summer to maximize safety protocols and creating flexible/rigorous curriculum to meet the needs of our children.
  7. We will offer an online option for families who may choose not to return. This option will allow parents/guardians to keep their child in the Perkins Local School system. This system will be staffed, and support will be provided for families who choose this option.
Learning Model Options for the 20-21 School Year

Based on the Ohio COVID-19 Risk Level Guidelines for the Public, Our goal to attend school five days a week in the traditional setting will be based on community data. At this time, Erie County has just attained the level of “Red” and adjustments will be forthcoming. Information about the COVID-19 Risk Guidelines can be found at

Ohio COVID-19 Risk Level Guidelines for the Public

Level 1

Active exposure and spread. Follow all current health orders.

5-day regular schedule

Level 2

Increased exposure and spread. Exercise high degree of caution. Follow all current health orders.

5-day regular schedule

Level 3

Very high exposure and spread. Limit activities as much as possible. Follow all current health orders.

Hybrid schedule-To be determined in collaboration with Ohio Department of Health, Erie County Health Department

Level 4

Severe exposure and spread. Only leave home for supplies and services. Follow all current health orders.

Remote Learning Plan

Option 1: Full Return to School

100% full return to school five days a week on a regular schedule in the buildings. Our goal is to maximize physical distance apart from 3 ft. to 6 ft. where appropriate.
We all realize there is risk involved and every precaution will be taken to minimize risk in the classroom and school setting. We will follow the Governor’s latest order for mask wearing.
Students in grades K-12 will be required to wear masks, but will have opportunities to remove or take “breaks” when physical distances of 6’ are met or barriers are available. Masks are required to be worn by staff, unless an exemption is met for medical reasons.
As our goal is to attend school for five days, adjustments may need to be made to maximize cleaning and disinfecting. We may utilize a four day a week schedule for deep cleaning and disinfecting based on community spread on the fifth day. Need exemption

Example of a four day a week schedule if utilized:
Monday-Remote learning day for students with classroom teachers
Cleaning and disinfecting day
Tuesday-Face-to-Face Learning on campus
Wednesday-Face-to-Face Learning on campus
Thursday-Face-to-Face Learning on campuss
Friday-Face-to-Face Learning on campus

Example of a full hybrid model
Monday-Remote learning day for students with classroom teachers
Cleaning and disinfecting day
Tuesday-Group A attends school on campus; Group B remote learning at home.
Wednesday- Group A attends school on campus; Group B remote learning at home.
Thursday-Group B attends school on campus; Group A remote learning at home.
Friday-Group B attends school on campus; Group A remote learning at home.

Option 2: Remote Learning- Two Paths
  1. Severe risk of exposure and spread. (#4 in Ohio COVID-19 Risk Level Guidelines for the Public)
    School is suspended or closed due to severe exposure or spread. Only leave home for supplies and services. All level 4 Health Orders are followed. This will occur district wide in the event of a closure as we experienced in March. All students and staff will be learning and teaching respectively remotely. This type of remote learning will be delivered by the child’s teacher. Students will use the Perkins Local Schools District issued Chromebook for lessons, meetings, and school related curricular obligations.
  2. Parents and guardians may choose this path for their child if school is in its five-day session or hybrid learning mode prior to the start of school. This option is provided by Perkins Local Schools, in collaboration with North Point Educational Service Center. Students will remain enrolled with Perkins Local Schools. This online program will be provided by the following vendors:
    • Students in grades K-8= Schools PLP
    • Students in grades 9-12= Plato

The Following Health and Safety Measures Will Be in Place for All Learning Options

Caregiver Expectations:

  • Ensure that all contact information is current.
  • Ensure there are multiple prearranged and available methods for picking up a student from school should they become ill or exhibit symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Perform daily wellness checks at home including taking child’s temperature.
  • Students with temperatures that measure at 100.4 degrees or higher should not be sent to school. Students may return to school when fever free, without medication to mask the fever, for a period of 72 hours or 24 hours with a negative COVID-19 test.
  • Do not send a child to school if they have the following symptoms    

    - Fever or chills  
    - Dry cough 

    - Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing  
    - Fatigue  
    - Muscle or body aches  
    - Headache  
    - New loss of taste or smell  
    - Sore throat  
    - Congestion or runny nose  
    - Nausea or vomiting  
    - Diarrhea  

  • Inform the school staff at the beginning of the year if your child has chronic conditions that may mimic the symptoms of COVID-19 (see above).
  • Provide a water bottle for student to use at school.
  • Pay lunch fees online, if possible, to avoid any exchange of money at school.
  • Ensure that there is a proper face covering for student to use. District will provide two cloth facial coverings and will have disposable facial coverings available.
  • Contact Erie County Health Department for their recommendations prior to returning to school and your personal care physician.

  • Transportation
    • Drivers must wear facial covering unless exemption is met.
    • No student is to be seated behind the driver.
    • Students must have assigned seats.
    • Students will have an arranged boarding system for all routes to and from school prescribed by the bus operator.
    • Two students per seat. Could be three if children are from the same family.
    • District will attempt to seat children of the same family together.
    • Students must wear face coverings. They may wear one of their own or one provided by the district.
    • Daily sanitizing will take place.
    • Hand sanitizer will be readily available.
    • Parents/guardians are encouraged to transport their child if possible.
    • Parents/guardians must have students physically distanced at the bus stop.
    Entry/Exit Involving School Buildings
    • Temperature checks and checks for COVID-19 symptoms need to be completed by parents/guardians in the privacy of your homes prior to loading buses or coming to school.
    • Any student with a fever of 100.4 or greater will need to stay home.
    • Any student who shows signs of COVID-19 will need to stay home.
    • Staggered entrances and exits will be employed and determined by building personnel.
    • Safe rooms and protocols will be established for students who may show signs of COVID-19 upon arrival to minimize risk.
    Face Coverings
    • School staff are required to wear face covering when 6’ of physical distance cannot be adhered to. There will be times in the teaching process where face coverings have to be removed; therefore, physical distance or barriers must be utilized.
    • Students in grades 3 and up must wear face coverings but will have opportunities for mask breaks and removal at the discretion of the teachers. Children in grades Pre School-2 are not mandated to wear face coverings, but highly encouraged, especially during transit periods to and from school, walking into buildings, and moving from classroom to essential classes.
    • Students may choose to wear a school appropriate face covering to school or they may wear a school issued face covering.
    • Staff may choose a face cover of their preference or wear N95 provided by the district.
    • It is understood that heat becomes a factor in our schools. Decisions to utilize remote learning days will be called and employed accordingly by the Superintendent.
    Physical Distancing in Classrooms K-12
    • Classrooms will operate by utilizing the maximum amount of space in each class.
    • Seating arrangements will maintain 3’ to 6’ of distance.
    • Students will face the same direction in their seating arrangements when possible.
    • Unnecessary items must be removed to maximize space.
    • Multiple opportunities for hand washing will be employed and hand sanitizer will be readily available.
    • Based on building level planning, teachers could move classrooms and children will remain stationary.
    • Students may not share supplies.
    • There will not be field trips or group assemblies until further notice.
    • Occupancy must be decreased, and physical distance always maintained.
    • Cleaning and disinfecting of all tables and chairs will take place.
    • Lunches will be prepared.
    • Grab-and-go style may be employed.
    • Students will need to sit in the same seat or seating location daily for contact tracing purposes.
    • Protective barriers may be used if necessary.
    Cleaning and Disinfecting
    We will clean and disinfect the following areas daily to maintain a safe environment:
    • Doorknobs and handles
    • Stair rails and handrails
    • Classroom desks and chairs
    • Lunchroom tables and chairs
    • Countertops
    • Light switches
    • Restroom and locker room areas
    • Maintain physical distancing in all areas.
    • Monitors will structure activities as much as possible.
    • Students will wash and sanitize hands after recess.
    • Controlled entrance and exits to and from playground will be utilized.
    • We will teach and provide multiple opportunities for hand-washing.
    • Hand sanitizer will be readily available in classrooms and high traffic areas.
    Guests and Visitors
    • Visitors are discouraged during this pandemic.
    Choir/Band/Marching Band
    • Maintain 6 feet of social distancing.
    • Utilize outdoor activities when possible.
    School Offices
    • Face coverings will be worn unless an exemption is met.
    • Cleaning supplies and sanitizers will be readily available.
    • Visitors to the office must always have masks on.

    Responding to a Confirmed COVID-19 Case

    Guidelines for responding to a confirmed case are established in conjunction with state and local health officials.  If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at a school, regardless of community transmission, any school in any community might need to implement short-term closure. If this happens, CDC recommends the following procedures regardless of the level of community spread:

    • Once learning of a confirmed COVID-19 case for a student or staffer, the school’s health officials should immediately contact the county health department.
    • A confirmed case is a positive COVID-19 lab test according to local health officials.
    Erie County Health Guidance (subject to change)
    • Diagnosed individual – Quarantine for 14 days
    • Direct Exposure – As defined by the ECHD
      • Being exposed to an individual, 6’ or less, with a confirmed case of COVID-19 for more than 15 minutes without a mask.
      • Quarantine/isolate for 14 days from the date of last exposure and monitor symptoms.
    • Prepare for a possible short-term closure for an initial consultation with local health officials.
      • Ultimately, local health officials have the expertise to determine the necessary length of closure and scale of response.
      • During school dismissals, we may consider cancelling extracurricular group activities, school-based afternoon programs and events, including sports.
      • Staff, students and their families may be discouraged from gathering or socializing on campus.
      • Students unable to attend school will be required to transition to a remote learning platform until the student is cleared to return to school by the Erie County Health Department or their medical provider.
    • Communicate with staff, parents and students.
      • Self-monitor for symptoms and contact your healthcare provider
    • Coordinate with local health officials to communicate dismissal decisions and the possible COVID-19 exposure.
      • Consider the potential impact, socially and emotionally, of those infected.
      • In such a circumstance, it is critical to preserve confidentiality of the student or staff member to the extent possible considering health and safety issues.
    • Clean and disinfect thoroughly.
    • Coordinate with local health officials to determine next steps to mitigate the outbreak.
      • Close off areas used by individuals with COVID-19 and wait as long as practical before beginning cleaning and disinfection to minimize potential for exposure to respiratory droplets.  Open outside doors and windows to increase air circulation in the area.  If possible, wait up to 24 hours before beginning cleaning and disinfection.
      • Cleaning staff should clean and disinfect all areas used by the ill persons, focusing on frequently touched surfaces.
      • Additional information on cleaning and disinfection of community facilities such as schools can be found on the CDC website.
    • Make decisions about extending the school dismissal.
      • During dismissals (after cleaning and disinfection), schools and programs may stay open for staff members while students stay home.
      • Keeping facilities open allows teachers to develop and deliver lessons and materials remotely, thus maintaining continuity of teaching and learning.
      • Keeping facilities open allows other staff members to continue to provide services and help with additional response efforts.
      • Decisions on which staff should be allowed in the school should be made in collaboration with local health officials.  Administrators will work in close collaboration and coordination with local health officials to make dismissal and large event cancellation decisions.
      • In addition, students and staff who are well but are taking care of or share a home with someone with a case of COVID-19 should follow instructions from local health officials to determine when to return to school.

    Additional Resources and Information

    ODE Reset and Restart Guidelines

    Coronavirus Information for Ohio’s Schools and Districts

    Erie County Health Department

    Center for Disease Control

    Ohio K-12 School Guidance