Note To Parents

Superintendent Boggs' Letter To Parents And Guardians
Posted on 07/16/2020
Perkins Schools Superintendent Todd Boggs

Dear students, parents and guardians, staff and faculty:

I hope that you are enjoying a safe, healthy and happy summer, and taking in all of this sunny, warm weather on the North Coast.

As we get into the dog days of summer and the pandemic continues to challenge and complicate our everyday lives, here at Perkins Schools we are preparing for the restart of lessons in the fall. We have been busy over the past few weeks, having many conversations with the Board of Education, parents and families, and our health care leaders, including Pete Schade, the health commissioner at the Erie County Health Department.

We also have surveyed you, our parents, and the Perkins Schools teaching staff. The results of both surveys were shared with the Board of Education on Monday, July 13. A summary of the results of the parent survey also was published to Perkins Schools website.

It’s clear from both surveys that parents and teachers agree that they want our children back in school, but they have many worries and concerns about health and wellness. Parents and teachers also have concerns about remote lessons and making sure they are engaging and effective.

I wish I could tell you precisely how Perkins Schools will operate on opening day, but given the day-today changes with the pandemic, I cannot. Currently, Perkins Schools has three options for lessons:

• Returning in full capacity with face mask policy in place;
• Returning with solely a remote learning option as we utilized in March; or
• Planning a hybrid model where half of our student body would attend on campus two days a week, the other half would attend two opposite days, and we would use the fifth day of the week for deep cleaning and disinfecting.

Should we decide to return to school buildings, there are some givens for the start of school: Students and teachers will wear masks for at least part of their time in the school buildings, busing and mealtimes will be different to accommodate required social distancing, and school activities will be impacted.

I will meet again with Mr. Schade in the next week and, most likely, have a few more conversations with my administrative team. I expect to make a decision in the coming weeks and make a recommendation to the Board of Education at our August meeting, scheduled for Aug. 12. You likely will know my recommendation ahead of that meeting.

The plan, whatever it looks like, must be flexible. Our schools must be able to operate in various modes at different times as the pandemic impacts us. We also must operate the schools efficiently, effectively, and with an eye on our budget – just as many families' budgets have been hit by this pandemic, so have our school finances.

Thank you and please contact me with any comments, concerns, or questions at or at (419) 625-0484.

I appreciate your support, flexibility, and understanding during this most unprecedented time as we work together as a local school and community family in the restart of school.

Yours in Education,

Todd Boggs-Superintendent
Perkins Local Schools