School Restart Update

Perkins Leadership Discusses Plan For Restarting School
Posted on 06/10/2020
Classes may be out for the summer, but Perkins Local Schools administrators, staff, faculty, and community are looking ahead to what school might look like come August 26 when the 2020-2021 school year is scheduled to begin.

On Tuesday morning, the Perkins Schools District Leadership Team met via Google Hangout for an update on restarting schools in the fall. 

Certainly, the pandemic will factor into how students are taught, how they navigate classrooms and hallways, and the schedules they will follow.

“We are eager to get back to some sense of normalcy, but will move forward with caution as we plan for the fall,” said Superintendent Todd Boggs. “We are still listening intently to information coming out of Columbus as to what our restart will look like.”

The directives from Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine and the Ohio Department of Education will shape how school occurs come August.

Perkins Schools teachers, administrators, and staff have been organized into two restart committees – one focused on how teaching and learning will take place and the second on operations of school buildings. Both committees will engage students, parents, and guardians for their input.

Rena McClellan, the Perkins Schools director of innovation and student learning, is heading up the teaching and learning committee and working with 21 area school districts tasked with ensuring meaningful and impactful lessons occur, whether they are online or in classrooms. 

“Right now we’re reflecting on every aspect of teaching and learning,” Mrs. McClellan said.

The district is weighing three options for academics next school year, said Briar Middle School Assistant Principal Jeff Thom. The options are:

  • Open Campus: All staff and students return to school, In-person learning

  • Home: All staff and students teaching and learning 100 percent from home

  • Hybrid: Blend of In-person learning and remote learning

Meantime, the second committee, headed by Meadowlawn Intermediate School Principal Jeremy Hiser, Briar Middle School Principal Scott Matheny, and teacher Tim Obergefell, is focused on getting students back in the buildings and how that can occur.

That committee’s members
are considering student interactions from the time they step on a school bus in the morning and off the bus in the evening. The group is examining how kids will enter school buildings and classrooms, how and where they eat lunch, and their interactions on playgrounds and common areas. The committee is even pondering daycare scenarios.

“The committee’s goal right now is to create the best educational opportunity for all students while making sure everyone is safe, and students, parents, and staff are comfortable,” Mr. Hiser said. “We will look at options for families who have different levels of comfort. It’s kind of limitless right now.”

The DLT committee on Tuesday also discussed the district’s Strategic Plan and how planning for the fall school restart factors into it. Mrs. McClellan asked DLT members to review the plan, which was adopted by the Perkins Board of Education in January. 

DLT members have been tasked with considering updating the Strategic Plan factoring in:

  • What strategies are not necessarily impacted by the pandemic?

  • What plan objectives will need to be changed, delayed, or dismissed due to the pandemic?

  • Are there additional objectives or strategies that need to be added?

  • And, are there any new priorities that need to be written into the Strategic Plan?  

The DLT will meet again on Aug. 11. Details and agenda for the meeting will be available later this summer.