Grading Scale

Pandemic Grading Scale Adopted For 4th Quarter
Posted on 04/27/2020

The Perkins Local School District Board Of Education has approved a revised grading scale for the 4th Quarter to accommodate distance learning. The two-part grading scale has been created to cover students in Grades K-5 and Grades 6-12.

For Grades K-5, homeroom teachers are required to complete one section (“Comments”) for their class at the end of May for each student. 

  1. In PowerSchool all “M” and “PR” will be removed for the 4th Quarter 

  2. All standards will be removed for the 4th Quarter

  3. Teachers will complete a detailed narrative for each student which will allow parents to see what students accomplished, and where additional learning will be needed. The report card will conclude the year with all four quarters. 

During this time, our teachers will be relying on giving to and receiving feedback from students. By using feedback, students will be able to self-report to teachers where they currently are in their learning. This can and will vary from teacher-to-teacher as to how self-reporting looks. The best efforts will be made and grace will be critical due to the nature of the pandemic. 

For Grades 6-12, students will be given one to two assignments for each subject each week. The total number of assignments for 4th Quarter has not yet been determined for consideration of pacing and needs throughout the quarter. 

Students will receive 0-2 points for each assignment.

0 Points: Assignment has not been turned in or very little to none of the assignment has been completed,

1 Point: All or most of the assignment has been completed, but is not to completion expectations (teacher sets this) there are questions/feedback that needs to be addressed, or

2 Points: All of the assignment has been completed, it is to completion standard, and/or all questions/feedback have been addressed.

(Please Note: Students will be able to keep working on any assignment until the grade is up to 2 points.)

At the end of the quarter, points will be added up and divided by total possible, then letter grades will be assigned based on the following:

A: Completion of 90% or more of the work (Completion being a 2)

B: Completion of at least 80% of assigned work, but not 90% of the work

C: Completion of at least 60% of assigned work, but less than 80% of the


P: Completion of 40% course work, but less than 60% of the work

I: Less than 40% of work completed: no credit will be awarded

The focus of all the work we have been doing is on students’ continuing to achieve at the level that they were when the circumstances changed. The Grade 6-12 Grading scale is based on three criteria that were established prior to the school closures due to the pandemic:

  1. No child will go backward from where they were when we left the building on March 13,

  2. Grades in the 4th Quarter will be based upon percentage of work completed, and

  3. Every child will have unlimited attempts to correct and improve their performance on assignments and use teacher feedback to guide them.

If students, parents, or guardians have questions about the grading scale, please contact your principals or the Administrative Service Center.