COVID-19 Update

Events Postponed To Reduce Coronavirus Risk
Posted on 03/11/2020
Representatives of the Erie County Health Department also participated in the press conference.

As the threat of the coronavirus continues to grow, the Perkins Local School District is postponing any large indoor events scheduled for the next 30 days, in accordance with a recommendation from the Erie County Health Department. 

The events that will be postponed include the Perkins High School musical, the PHS Aquatones show, and the Pancakes The Pirate Way breakfast on Saturday. The postponements are in line with the strategy employed by other school districts in Erie County.

On Wednesday afternoon, Superintendent Todd Boggs, along with Dr. Eugene T. W. Sanders, Chief Executive Officer and Superintendent of the Sandusky City Schools, Dennis Muratori, Superintendent of the Huron City Schools, Tom Roth, Superintendent of the Edison Local Schools, and representatives of the Margaretta Local Schools, held a press conference to announce a collective strategy to address concerns over the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Pete Schade, the health commissioner for the Erie County Health Department also participated in the press conference. 

At this point, schools across Erie County will remain open. The superintendents said that they have agreed they will only close schools at the recommendation of the county health department, the Ohio Department of Health, or Centers for Disease Control.

In the event local, state or federal officials recommend the closure of schools, the Erie County superintendents have agreed they all would close.

Mr. Schade pointed out that a fourth confirmed case of the virus has been reported in Ohio. In that case, however, it was considered a “community spread” case, meaning that the man caught the virus by casual contact and not by travel. 

“At this point, it’s prudent to do all that we can to stop that community spread,” Mr. Schade said. “Anything we can do to delay the effect of the virus until we get in better climate and beat this virus is what were going to do.”

That, he said, includes postponing large gatherings at the schools. 

The superintendents announced they also would work collaboratively to:

  • Provide electronic options to students to address academic work in the event of the closure of schools for multiple days; 

  • Districts will provide deep cleaning of buildings and facilities on weekends and spring break; 

  • Agreement to partner with the County Health Department and officials regarding strategic steps and recommendations for specific action; and  

  • Districts will develop regular communications to maintain communications with students, parents, and community members.

Here at Perkins Schools, teachers and staff have begun planning for further measures that may be necessary. Students at Furry Elementary and Meadowlawn Intermediate schools, for example, will begin taking home their school-issued computers in an effort to get them comfortable with using the machines at home. 

Additionally, the maintenance and custodial staff have increased the sanitation efforts they use. For example, each evening, after students and staff leave, the custodians spray disinfectant on all classroom desks and surfaces, doorknobs, drinking fountains, lockers, and through the hallway to kill germs.

Perkins Local Schools will continue to provide regular updates pertaining to the virus and what it means for our students, staff and faculty, and our community.

If parents or guardians have questions about the virus or the measures we are taking, they can contact the Administrative Service Center at (419) 625-0484.