Coronavirus Update

Perkins Schools Update Parents On Coronavirus Spread
Posted on 03/04/2020

A message from Todd Boggs, superintendent of Perkins Local Schools:

School districts across the United States are paying close attention to the spread of the Coronavirus. It is the same here at Perkins Local Schools. 

Our nursing team, lead by Lisa Miller, BSN, RN, NCSN, is monitoring it regularly and keeping administrators, teachers and staff, and parents and guardians informed of any elevated threats.

To date, there have been no confirmed reports in Ohio. But that does not mean we should not be prepared. 

Rest assured, we at Perkins Schools are taking the threat of Coronavirus very seriously and taking precautions to protect our students and staff from this illness.

Perkins Local Schools and schools across the county, state, and nation have
been dealing with many reported cases of influenza. Many of the same precautions we take for the flu will help decrease the spread of other illnesses, including Coronavirus. 

Any time we have a public health concern, we follow the guidance of our local experts, the Erie County Health Department and the Ohio Department of Health, and our national experts, the Centers for Disease Control. Perkins Schools will follow their recommendations if there is a confirmed outbreak in our area. 

These are the sites our nurses follow for current updates and guidance:

The Erie County Health Department also has issued this recent update regarding the Coronavirus.

Meanwhile, our nurses and staff are encouraging everyone at Perkins Schools to maintain healthy habits, like washing hands often and properly, and avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth because germs are easily introduced to our bodies this way.

We also encourage ill staff and children to stay home and follow the Ohio Department of Health’s communicable disease recommendations for return to school, including being fever-free for 24 hours without medication before returning to school.

Our Perkins Schools maintenance and custodial crews, directed by Maintenance Supervisor Greg Linkenbach, also employ extra efforts during cold and flu season to disinfect all desks, restrooms, locker rooms, weight room floors and equipment, drinking fountains, doorknobs, and cafe tables. 

Since the Coronavirus reports became more prominent, our crews also have been using pump sprayers filled with a Virex brand disinfectant and go through the hallways and spray all doorknobs, table surfaces, restrooms, and lockers rooms. The spray is left on the surfaces for 10 minutes to dry.

Lastly, please be advised, as more updates become available, the administration at Perkins Schools will be sure to share them with students, parents and guardians, and staff. The advisories will be posted to social media, our web site, and via email. 

If parents have questions, please do not hesitate to reach our building offices or to the district office at (419) 625-0484.