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Board of Education Adopts New Strategic Plan, Mission
Posted on 01/22/2020
Superintendent Todd Boggs introduces the new Strategic Plan

A crowd of more than 100 people came out Wednesday evening to take part in the reveal of the new Strategic Plan and Mission for the Perkins Local School District. It was presented to the public during a special meeting of the Board of Education. 

The audience, which included parents, teachers, and community members, crowded into the Perkins High School cafeteria and cheered when the board members unanimously approved the plan. 

“We’re smiling and laughing,” said board member Jason Dulaney. “These are the good times; I’m looking forward to the great times.”

The plan has been in the works since October when the Board of Education hired the Cleveland-based firm of Burges & Burges Strategists.

View the Strategic Plan here: 2020 Strategic Plan.pdf

The firm first helped the district craft its new Mission Statement: "The Perkins family strives for unsurpassed educational opportunities so every student may achieve their greatest potential."

The Strategic Plan dovetails off the Mission and will serve as a framework for the district’s administration to follow in the years ahead. 

Leading off the meeting on Wednesday was Superintendent Todd Boggs, who introduced the presentation to the board members and community, noting that it was not “a gotcha plan.” Rather, he said, “this is a plan built by our school and community stakeholders. … This plan will provide clarity in the direction that we go as we work collaboratively.”

The plan was created through a series of meetings with school district stakeholders – students, parents and guardians, teachers and staff, neighbors and residents, and business and organizational leaders.

The PLSD Strategic Plan is unveiled to the Board of Education and community.

Their input was used to identify the Strategic Plan’s five broad goal areas: student learning, student development, culture, finance, and facilities. Under each of the goals are narrower focused objectives and strategies that will guide the district through the months and years ahead. 

The plan will be revisited during regular meetings of the Perkins District Leadership Team and Board of Education. The district also expects to visit with local community groups to discuss and share with stakeholders across the district.

View the Strategic Plan dashboard here: PLSD Strategic Plan Dashboard

The details of the Strategic Plan were presented to the board by many of the same community members who helped write it. 

Community member Tom Groot speaks about Student Development.

Among the presenters was Jeremy Normington-Slay, a father of five sons in the Perkins Schools and the president and CEO of Firelands Regional Medical Center. He discussed the district’s proposed finance goal: to manage resources effectively to support student learning and development.

He explained that the goal touches on communicating with the public and helping everyone understand how school finances work. It’s also about building trust, he noted.

“We want the community to know that we have been good with our money,” Mr. Normington-Slay said. 

Former Perkins Schools Superintendent Larry Pitts also helped present the plan to the board and community. He spoke about the “culture” goal and establishing what is known as “the Pirate way.”

“It’s who we are, it’s what we do and it’s how we do it,” Mr. Pitts said. The Pirate way, he noted, is all-inclusive; not just for students and parents, but teachers, cafeteria workers, custodians, and all staff alike. It’s also for the school’s residential and business neighbors. 

“We all are, truly, in this together,” Mr. Pitts said.