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Future Of Perkins Schools To Be Unveiled
Posted on 01/14/2020
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The future of Perkins Local School District will come into focus on Wednesday, Jan. 22, when the district’s new Strategic Plan will be unveiled to the public during a special meeting of the Board of Education.

The Board is expected to adopt the plan during the meeting at 6 p.m. in the Perkins High School cafeteria. The plan will serve as a framework to guide the district for months and years into the future. 

The plan is all-encompassing and touches all stakeholders, including students, parents and guardians, teachers and staff, and community members. It has five primary goal areas – Student Learning, Student Development, Culture, District Finances, and Facilities, with detailed strategies for success. 

Administrators expect the plan to become part of regular conversations in future meetings of the  Board of Education and the District Leadership Team.

Over the past several months, students, teachers, and community members have met with administrators and staff to produce the Strategic Plan during a series of interactive Listening Sessions. The school district contracted with the firm of Burges & Burges to help create the plan.

Stakeholders who forged the Strategic Plan will be called upon to introduce the plan to the Perkins Local School District community and Board of Education. 

Students, parents and guardians, faculty and staff, and all community members are invited to come to the meeting at
6 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 22, in the PHS cafeteria.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions about the plan and how it will be implemented.

If parents or guardians have questions before the meeting, please contact the Perkins Local Schools Administrative Service Center at (419) 625-0484.