Vacation Waiver Form

Application for Waiver of Compulsory Attendance Instructions:

As parents and legal guardians, you are encouraged to schedule vacations at times other than on the days that our schools are in session. Cooperatively, we have an important role in stressing the value of education to our children. Requests to take children and youth out of school may convey the attitude that other activities are more important than school. Therefore, we must continue to emphasize the value of time in school and we must discourage general vacation and pleasure trips during the school year. In particular, more than one vacation per year is discouraged. It is suggested that the absence not exceed five (5) school days in length.

If, however, an application for a Waiver of Compulsory Attendance must be submitted, parents/guardians and students should plan carefully. Please plan ahead so that absences do not occur during important educational periods. Also, secondary, students must recognize that some courses by their structure, are not easy to make up. The advice of teachers, counselors, and the principal should be sought because grades may decline from extended absences even when they are excused.

Todd Boggs, Superintendent

Make-Up Policy

Each student who is absent must immediately, upon return to school, make arrangements with his/her teacher(s) to make up work missed. Students who are absent from school for reasons not permitted by State law may, or may not be permitted to make up work. Each case is considered on its merits by the principal and the respective teacher(s). Students are requested to bring a note to school after each absence explaining the reason for the absence or tardiness.

The Board does not believe that students should be excused from school for vacations or other non-emergency trips. The responsibility for such absences resides with the parent(s), and they must not expect any work missed by their child to be retaught by the teacher. If the school is notified in advance of such a trip, reasonable efforts are made to prepare a general list of assignments for the student to do while he/she is absent.

Parents/Guardians, please note the following:
  • Only 5 days vacation may be approved, additional days will be unexcused. Anything over 5 days vacation is at the discretion of the building Principal for approval.
  • Vacation when habitually truant will not be approved.

If there are questions or concerns with this policy, please contact Annette Sennish, EMIS Coordinator or Mr. Todd Boggs, Superintendent.