Meadowlawn Intermediate School

Meadowlawn Intermediate SchoolMeadowlawn Intermediate School

Welcome to Meadowlawn Intermediate School

All of us here at Meadowlawn Intermediate extend you a warm welcome! Our hope is that you will continue to be part of our collaborative effort to provide a safe, positive environment for your children to learn and grow. We encourage you to visit and volunteer. Keeping the lines of communication open is important to us, as we know it is to you.

  • We are eager for you to understand the values which guide our efforts with your children. 
  • We believe that through understanding comes the kind of communications which will allow parents and teachers to “pull together”. 
  • We have prepared these pages to help you know us better.
  • Will you share your ideas and let us know you? We’ll both be the better for it.

Recent News From Meadowlawn

Jeremy HiserMr. Jeremy Hiser
Phone: 419-625-0214
Fax: 419-625-6459

Katie MarquartMrs. Katie Marquart
Building Secretary
Phone: 419-625-0214
Fax: 419-625-6459

Jackie GundrumMrs. Bonnie Fantozzi
Phone: 419-625-0214
Fax: 419-625-6459