Online-Only Option

Online-Only Option To Be Offered To All Perkins Students This Fall
Posted on 07/24/2020
Online-Only ImageFor Perkins Local School District families who do not want their children to attend in-person lessons at the start of the 2020-2021 school year, the district will offer an online-only option. Parents and students will need to commit to the online option for a semester.

The online-only option includes daily lessons and exercises to engage students, testing and evaluations, and parental involvement and monitoring.

>>> For more information or to register your student for the Online-Only Curriculum, click here.

Perkins High School already has – and staffs – an online academy, which will be utilized for students in Grades 9-12 who desire the online-only option.

For students in preschool to Grade 8, Perkins Schools will partner with North Point Educational Service Center, which will manage the online curriculum, staffing, and daily lessons. Depending on staff availability, some Perkins Schools teachers may be involved in the PreK-8 curriculum, lessons, and daily instruction.

Registration for the Online-Only Curriculum now open. Click here to register your student. Deadline to register is Monday, Aug. 10.

Please be advised, if students enroll in the online-only option, they will be committed for the full semester. Students may join at any time but will have to finish the semester in which they enroll prior to returning to in-person on-campus instruction.

It is also important to remember that for students who choose the five-day-a-week in-school option, there is a likelihood that Perkins Schools will be forced by local and state authorities to utilize remote instruction. In that event, students who have chosen the online-only option must continue in that curriculum and will not be included in the remote classes.

To find out more about the online options, including details about the lesson plans, daily teacher engagement with students, and grading, view the videos below.

Introduction to Perkins Online School, Grades PreK-5

Introduction to Perkins Online School, Grades 6-12

Parents and guardians with questions about the online-only option can contact the Administrative Service Center at (419) 625-0484 or via email. Alternatively, they can email questions to the North Point Educational Service Center.

Beginning on Aug. 3, Jalen Santoro, of Perkins Schools, will be a full-time staff member at North Point Educational Service Center, and available to answer parents’ questions.