Perkins Local Schools are at the forefront of educational and information technology. Our students, grades 5-12 have been a part of a 1:1 computing initiative using Apple Macintosh laptops since 2008. Teachers district-wide have Mac laptops connected to a unified messaging and student information system. Students in grades K-4 have access to classroom sets of laptops and/or iPads.

Administratively, the district is connected to the state of Ohio OARNet backbone via high-speed Internet connections. Wherever possible application servers have been moved to the cloud at the Northwest Ohio Computer Association permitting daily tech support and nightly back-ups.

The phone system is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP); the transportation system uses the latest routing and scheduling software; and the food service program uses state-of-the-art nutrition and meals software.

The district maintains, and continues to grow, an extensive digital camera network for security and the buildings and grounds department employs up-to-date energy management systems and software.

The district maintains two full-time computer field technicians and one part-time general technology consultant.