Rolling, Rolling, Rolling: Perkins School Buses Pass OSP Inspections 
The district's 19 school buses all passed the annual inspection by the Ohio State Highway Patrol

Perkins Local School bus

With spring break, Perkins Local School District buses have had far fewer trips to make this week. But, come Monday when classes resume, they will be back on the road and in full force.

And, you might notice on each side of the buses, they now have an Ohio State Highway Patrol seal of approval. All 19 buses in the Perkins fleet received – and passed – the 2019-2020 safety inspection by the Ohio State Patrol.

OSHP inspection decal

Troopers conducted the annual inspections on Feb. 22 on each bus with a checklist of some 300 items and safety standards set by state and federal governments. Troopers also conduct at least one unannounced spot safety inspection once a year.

In addition to the Ohio Highway Patrol inspections, Perkins School District mechanics regularly check fluids, brakes, and lights as part of safety inspections and a preventative maintenance program. Perkins school bus drivers also perform daily safety inspections prior to leaving the parking lot for their routes and field trips.

So, come at 6:20 a.m. Monday, the first buses will roll from the Perkins bus garage on Taylor Road. The district has 65 daily routes that are divided among the buses.

The buses collectively travel some 950 miles each day and make approximately 1,000 stops each, including morning and afternoon pickups and dropoffs. Each morning the buses ferry approximately 1,200 students to school and some 1,300 in the afternoon.

Posted by j_stacklin On 05 April, 2019 at 11:33 AM