When Furry Kids Get Ill, Nurse Melissa Is There To Save The Day 
Furry Elementary Students Have A Dear Friend In The Nurse's Office 

Furry School Nurse Melissa Koch administers a hearing test.

What’s a typical day-in-the-life of Furry Elementary School Nurse Melissa Koch? 

“Kids, kids, kids,” Nurse Melissa says. “And a lot of Band-Aids and mints.”

Parents of incoming kindergartners will have an opportunity to meet her Tuesday night for the Furry Elementary Open House. She also will be coordinating the vision and hearing portion of the kindergartener’s screenings.

And, she likely will get to spend some one-on-one time with the children once they start elementary school. That’s the way it is for an elementary school nurse. 

Every day there is a steady stream of kids who come to see her. Their most common ailment? Not surprisingly, it’s stomach aches. And, she has a cure – magic mints – that usually helps most children. (By the way, wink wink, those mints are the same kind you will find on dinner tables at wedding receptions.)

She also spends much of her time teaching children how to handle routine health situations, such as a bloody nose or how to use an inhaler or how to do diabetic blood sugar tests.

“The most important thing is that their needs are met,” Nurse Melissa says. “If they are coming to me because of something that happened last night, they know they can talk to me, Counselor Diane Smith, or Furry Principal Jenn Long.”

Nurse Melissa has been the Furry school nurse since November. She started as a nurse in the Perkins Local School District as a substitute and then was at Briar Middle School for three years. She received her registered nurse license in 2018.

Nurse Melissa and her husband, Paul, have three children, Tatum, a first-grader at Furry, Kash, a fifth-grader at Meadowlawn Intermediate, and Carter, a third-grader at Meadowlawn. She is a native of Bellevue and a graduate of Margaretta High School. 

Fun Fact About Nurse Melissa: One of her favorite movies is “Sweet Home Alabama,” which stars Reese Witherspoon. Why? It’s a love story and who doesn’t love a good love story.

Posted by j_stacklin On 26 March, 2019 at 1:59 PM