How To Register Your Child In The Perkins Local School District 
Wondering how to register your child in the Perkins Schools? Here is a step-by-step guide.

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Here's a step-by-step guide on how to register a child in the Perkins Local School District

Perkins Local School District Online Registration Process

  1. Log on to  Perkins website at
  2. Under the Parents & Guardian tab across the top, select Registration
  3. Click on the “blue” hyperlink New Student Registration.
  4. The application must be completed in its entirety, filling out your student information. Select Enrolling School Year of 2019-2020 and enter 08/28/2019 for approximate entry date. If you're signingup your child for elementary school, you will select "Furry School" as School Preference. Check the Validate Identity Box and Apply to School. This will submit your request to complete the registration process to the Furry Registrar (Mrs. Mullins). All fields with the red asterisk (*) are required.

Next Steps

Communication: You will receive emails through the system informing you of the next steps.

First Email: "Welcome to Ecollect Enrollment! Enrollment Application Received"

Second Email:  "Welcome to Perkins Local School District"
This email will give you the instructions to complete all steps for your child to be screened to enroll in Kindergarten.

  • Set-up a parent account in PowerSchool which is the Perkins Local School District Student Information System.  If you already have a child attending Perkins, you will  NOT need to create a new account, simply add your child to your existing account.
  • All instructions are included in the second email you receive.
  • An Access ID and Access Password is provided toward the bottom of the email (case sensitive).  This is what you will use to create the account or add the student to your existing account.
  • This account you create will be used throughout your child’s time at Perkins.  Throughout the school year, you will be notified of forms that will need to be completed.  You will use this parent account to complete.


Once you have your child added to your account, click on the tab with student name and then click on the “first” Ecollect Forms under the Navigation area.

All forms will be found under Ecollect Enrollment Packet

Complete the forms in order as listed. Once you click submit, it will automatically take you to the next form.  Reminder:  A red asterisk (*) indicates field MUST be completed.

  • Form 1:  Demographics—Complete all information. (Grade Level 0 is KG level),  Once you hit submit, it will load the next form for you.
  • Form 2:  Parent / Guardians—Reminder to all parents, if the birth certificate has both parents listed, then both must be listed in our system.  Our registrar will be checking this.
  • Form 3:  Health Information—Please make sure you fill out all necessary information regarding health concerns/medications/allergies for your child.  If you would like a nurse to call you regarding any of this, please select yes to that question and provide the best time to contact you in space provided.
  • Form 4:  Home Language Survey– This form helps with identifying any language barriers.
  • Form 5:  Academic History—This form helps us identify any needs/services your child may have.
  • Form 6:  Previous Enrollment and Records Release—Complete for KG Registration even if the student has not been enrolled elsewhere.
  • Form 7:  Birth Verification—the State of Ohio requires the city and country of birth.
  • Form 8:  Residency Verification—three proofs of residency will be required at time of registration. This form lists all acceptable options for proofs.
  • Form 9:  Enrollment Documents—Upload all Documents—If you would like to upload your own documents, please feel free to do so on this form.  Click Add, browse for the document, click upload. If you would like our registrar to complete this, all documentation must be provided during registration.
  • Form 10:  Consent and Acknowledgement—Please sign and date.  This completes your Registration.  Click "OK."

NOTE: If your child is entering kindergarten, you must set up a Screening Appointment in the Ecollect Forms of the parent portal. Click on the "Kindergarten Screening Calendar."

Five children will be screened per timeslot. If you receive an error message, please note that the time slot has been filled and register for a different time slot.


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