Board of Education

Left to right: Mr. Scott Hart (Member), Mr. Ted Kastor (Member), Mrs. Nicole Hykes (President), Dr. Bradley Mitchel (Member), Mr. Jason Dulaney (Vice President)

Dr. Brad Mitchel (term expiring 2023)

Dr. Mitchel ran for school board to provide students with the opportunities and resources they need to be successful. As both a board member and a parent, he is proud to have such dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, staff, and administrators invested in our children. His favorite part of the job is hearing about students who accomplish their goals and reach their full potential. When giving students advice, he often instructs them to look beyond today’s needs, work hard, and take full advantage of the opportunities at hand to set themselves up for long-term success. (In our opinion, they should take his advice! As the Physician Anesthesiologist for Premier Anesthesia of Sandusky at Firelands Regional Medical Center and Magruder Hospital in Port Clinton, Dr. Mitchell knows a bit about how to persist through challenging coursework.) Dr. Mitchel and his wife Lisa have two young daughters attending Perkins Schools, and their family has lived in the district since June 2006.

Nicole Hykes, Board President (term expiring 2021)

Niki and her husband David moved into the district about two and a half years ago with their two young children. When a vacancy opened up on the school board, Niki decided to put her passion for public education to work. After volunteering for the PTO, in the classroom, and on the levy committee, she wanted to use her experience to serve the community at large. She was appointed to the Board on September 7, 2017. Her time on the board so far taught her how much work happens behind the scenes to make a school district successful, and how important all of the different stakeholders are to the process. The thing Niki enjoys most about being on the board is watching students and the community work hard and then accomplish their goals. The Class of 2017 was the first to graduate during her tenure, and as she got to know them, she was truly inspired by their accomplishments. Niki sees Perkins Schools as a community aiming for new heights with the ability to persevere through its challenges.

Jason Dulaney, Board Vice President (term expiring 2023)

When Jason and his wife Caroline moved to the district in September 2001, they knew it would be a great place to raise their two sons. Jason first became involved with Perkins Schools when he worked on a school levy for new buildings in 2010 and started to attend board meetings on a regular basis to learn what he could do to support our schools. To this day, the most important thing he has learned is that it is critical that the district listens to the community and keeps their needs in the forefront. He enjoys working collaboratively with his colleagues to solve problems and expand opportunities for students. In his opinion, the most important gift you can give to a person is to make a memory with a child, and he is proud that Perkins offers so many opportunities to do so. Jason describes Perkins Schools as being forward-thinking, student-centered, and a community with a lot of pride.

Ted Kastor (term expiring 2021)

Pride, passion and success come to mind for Ted Kastor when describing Perkins Local School District. These attributes and a desire to give back to the community that has provided him a great life for the past 28 years inspired him to join the board. As a current board member for Firelands Regional Medical Center, the Erie County Economic Development Corporation, Plum Brook Country Club, and the Perkins Township Zoning Board of Appeals, he enjoys all aspects of this involvement and guiding the entities he represents. Ted is looking forward to more opportunities to connect with our motivated students and excellent staff to aid him as a board member in making decisions in the best interest of our students. His commitment and connection to our region is evidenced by his lifelong career in Construction and membership in the Sandusky High School Athletic Hall of Fame. Ted and his wife Denise, a Perkins graduate, have two children and three grandchildren residing in Columbus.

Scott Hart (term expiring 2023)

After venturing to other cities for educational and employment purposes, Scott Hart returned to the area when choosing his home in 2012.  The passion, drive and sense of community here drew him to Perkins Schools. He and his wife of 12 years, Candice, are parents of elementary students Ireland and Whitten, who inspired Scott to join the Board. As a board member, he aims to ensure that the Perkins Local School District remains a sought-after educational institution and looks forward to listening to all points of view while gathering essential information. Scott and his active family enjoy indoor and outdoor home renovation projects, and participating in sports. Scott isn’t just a spectator when his kids are involved – he coaches too. We suspect that his enjoyment of being involved will allow him a smooth transition to the board.

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