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Reporting directly to the Board of Education, the Treasurer’s Department is responsible for managing all financial affairs of the Perkins Local Schools. It is our duty to ensure accuracy, efficiency, and transparency in all district finances to protect our community’s investment and maintain trust. We work hard to stretch limited dollars to empower students to pursue their dreams and achieve success.

Our Treasurer, Dan Bowman has 30 years of school finance experience working with a wide variety of districts throughout Ohio. Please contact Dan at or 419-625-1261 with any questions you may have.

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Permanent Improvement Renewal Levy Fact Sheet

  • Perkins Schools’ levy on the November 7, 2017 ballot is 2-mill, 5-year permanent improvement (PI) renewal levy.

  • As a renewal, voter approval will not increase taxes. It renews an existing PI levy for our schools set to expire this year.

  • Schools use PI funds for things like building and facility repairs, replacement of outdated equipment, technology, buses, and textbooks. In the last five years, PI funds were used to:

  • Repair aging school building roofs, exterior brick and chimneys, plumbing issues, and cracked and damaged parking lot surfaces;

  • Replace failed plumbing, worn-out classroom flooring, gym bleachers, asbestos tile, and damaged interior ceilings;

  • Improve student safety with updated fire alarm and sprinkler systems, security cameras, and two-way radios;

  • Purchase school buses to replace aging vehicles; and

  • Replace snow-removal equipment, tables and chairs, and maintenance equipment

  • By law, PI funds cannot be used for salaries, benefits, or any day-to-day operating costs.

  • Perkins Schools’ voters passed the 2.0-mill PI levy in 1988 and has been approved by renewal or replacement every five years since.

  • As a renewal, voter approval of the November PI levy will continue to generate the same amount of funds for school district permanent improvements as it does now (approximately $759,300 annually).

  • The effective millage rate of this levy is now 1.689 mills. Taxpayers will not see an increase with the renewal, and will continue to pay the same amount (about $4.90 a month) for each $100,000 of property value.

  • Renewing this PI levy also maintains a valuable state subsidy (12.5% homestead rollback reimbursement).

  • Under the rollback program, the state pays 10% of the tax bill for all property owners plus 2.5% for owner-occupied homes.

  • Due to changes in state law in 2013 –only existing levies and renewal levies – like this PI renewal – continue to receive state dollars.

  • Our community will lose the state's 12.5% reimbursement if the current PI levy expires.

  • Election Day is November 7, 2017. Early voting begins October 11, 2017.